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remote-gdb-server platform able to run processes on a remote system

Authored by vharron on Jan 18 2015, 11:15 PM.



This patch gets remote-gdb-server platform able to run processes on a remote system

  1. Make sure the selected platform is always used
  2. Make sure that the host uses the connect://hostname to connect to both the lldb-platform and the lldb-gdbserver rather than what the platform reports as the hostname of the lldb-gdbserver
  3. Make sure that lldb-platform uses the IP address on it's connection back to the host instead of the hostname that the host sends to it when launching lldb-gdbserver with the remote host information


added SetSelectedPlatform call, because this is what SB does
removed m_platform_options - why was it ever in target?
calling CreateTarget with the selected platform (remote-gdb-server) instead of using m_platform_options, which was creating and using a new "host" platform instead of whatever is selected
implemented PlatformRemoteGDBServer::ResolveExecutable, mostly copied from iOS version
added primitive PlatformRemoteGDBServer::GetSupportedArchitectureAtIndex implementation
PlatformRemoteGDBServer::ConnectRemote - retaining hostname where lldb-platform is running so we can re-use it when we connect to the gdb server.
implemented Platform::PutFile
make sure we're using a platform if one is selected

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ovyalov added inline comments.Jan 20 2015, 11:19 AM

Do we need to check for error here?



clayborg requested changes to this revision.Jan 20 2015, 11:30 AM
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See inline command about checking "bytes_written" for zero. Fix that and it is good to go.


We need to check for "bytes_written" being zero and break out if it is zero otherwise we will spin for ever here.

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Refactored PlatformPOSIX::PutFile, removed duplicated code

Added error check after WriteFile, reformatted

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Updated to address comments, committed back in r226712

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