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PR20958 Allow redeclaration of type-generic builtins
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Authored by chatur01 on May 21 2015, 7:43 AM.



This patch allows the user to declare the C99 math builtins that take the generic "real-floating" argument types.
A use case is described in -- this is preventing Clang from being used to build Android.

In C++98 and C89, you may redeclare these builtins to take any type, Clang will pretend these don't exist in these languages.
In C++11 and C99 (and derivations thereof), you can only redeclare the builtin with types that are "real-floating". If you try to redeclare with different types, a diagnostic is produced.

I also tweaked the __noop builtin to specify that it's arguments are custom type-checked. This was avoid a semantic error about passing non-POD types through a variadic argument, which is not appropriate for that builtin.

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Ping. Should make it clearer that this must be committed after D9913.

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Handle signbit as well.

Hi! Thanks for this patch.

We're building Android6 with Clang (in order to apply static analyzer on it), and without this patch we've 613 build failures. This patch helps to get rid of 521 of those build failures (85%).

"Works for me".


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