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Update the LLDB website with more information

Authored by zturner on Mar 10 2015, 12:08 PM.



This patch adds better instructions for checking out source, more links to the LLVM website, more explicit wording about falling back to the LLVM policies where not explicitly outlined, and a reduction in the .clang-format indentation from 140 to 120 based on existing wording in the style guide.

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Couple of comments.

First off, if you are building with Xcode, you don't need to check out llvm & clang, the build will do that for you if they don't already exist. So for people who want to work on lldb & don't have an extant llvm/clang checkout, it is easier to just check out lldb & build.

By saying "The line limit IS 120 characters"... "However you will see places" you make it sound like the exceptions are of questionable status, which is not at all the intent. Particularly for these tables, letting them run longer is IMO preferable (there are a few of the tables where the help text wraps & I find those harder to read.) You could say something like:

The line limit for code statements is...

Then it would be clearer that this statement does not contradict the immediately following paragraph.

I wasn't aware that the Xcode build did that. I'll update in a bit. I think
it's useful to say something about the directory structure though because
it lets people know how to update their code. Also will fix the suggestions
about line length

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That looks good.

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