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If a function decl cannot be merged, mark it as invalid, phab edition.

Authored by thakis on Jan 16 2015, 1:57 PM.



Clang currently crashes on

class C {
  C() = default;
  C() = delete;

My cunning plan for fixing this was to change the if (!FnD) in Parser::ParseCXXInlineMethodDef() to if (!FnD || FnD->isInvalidDecl) – but alas, the second constructor decl wasn't marked as invalid. This patch lets Sema::MergeFunctionDecl() return true on function redeclarations, which leads to them being marked invalid. (There are two more diag::err_s later in the same function that also don't return true. These look fishy to me too – let me know if you think those should be changed too. Probably in a separate patch, though.)

This reduces the number of duplicate error messages in tests, which is probably a good thing for this kind of error – if you have two definitions of a function, things likely are pretty dire already.

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LGTM, all of these diagnostic changes look great.

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