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Sema: Properly perform lookup when acting on fields for desig inits

Authored by majnemer on Aug 9 2014, 8:13 PM.



Clang used a custom implementation of lookup when handling designated
initializers. The custom code was not particularly optimized and relied
on standard lookup for typo-correction anyway.

This custom code has to go, it doesn't properly support MSVC-style
anonymous structs embedded inside other records; replace it with the
typo-correction path.

This has the side effect of speeding up semantic handling of the fields
for a designated initializer while simplifying the code at the same

This fixes PR20573.

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This looks to be unreachable now.

I think you should rearrange this a little: if lookup found something, but didn't find a field, then issue this diagnostic. Otherwise, fall through to here and do typo correction.


This comment doesn't make sense any more.

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Assign directly to KnownField here and remove ReplacementField.


Maybe else?

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Closed by commit rL215372 (authored by @majnemer).