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Bugs in SemaOverload.cpp
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Authored by dbabokin on Jul 1 2014, 4:56 AM.



I've noticed that GetConversionCategory(), GetConversionRank() and GetImplicitConversionName() from lib/Sema/SemaOverload.cpp have a bunch of bugs, namely:

  • GetConversionCategory() is missing cases for ICK_TransparentUnionConversion, ICK_Writeback_Conversion and ICK_Zero_Event_Conversion cases (ok to not handle ICK_Num_Conversion_Kinds, though would be good to report an error);
  • GetConversionRank() is missing the case for ICK_Zero_Event_Conversion;
  • GetImplicitConversionName() doesn't have a comma after "Transparent Union Conversion";

I think it's better to rewrite these functions using switch, so adding new ICKs would trigger a warning or an error if it's not handled in these functions.

Except style changes and typo fix (missing comma), the changes add case for missing records, please verify that they've got correct values.

I have no commit rights, so I would appreciate if reviewer commits the patch. Thanks!

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