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Display the pointer value in the libstdc++ unique_ptr summary

Authored by labath on Nov 8 2016, 9:07 AM.



r284830 added a summary provider for unique_ptr in libstdc++, whose value printed
the value of the pointee. This is a bit unintuitive as it becomes unobvious that
the value actually is a pointer, and we lose the way to actually obtain the
pointer value.

Change that to print the pointer value instead. The pointee value can still be
obtained through the synthetic children.

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labath updated this revision to Diff 77202.Nov 8 2016, 9:07 AM
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Make what you will of my suggestion above, but in general the reasoning looks good

129 ↗(On Diff #77202)

This is very nitpick-y but why not

lldb::addr_t ptr_value = m_ptr_obj->GetValueAsUnsigned(LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS)
switch (ptr_value) {

case 0: stream.Printf("nullptr"); break;
case LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS: return false;
default: stream.Printf("0x%" PRIx64, ptr_value); break;


modulo clang-formatting the above, of course.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Nov 8 2016, 10:36 AM
labath added inline comments.Nov 9 2016, 2:51 AM
129 ↗(On Diff #77202)

I've changed this to:

uint64_t ptr_value = m_ptr_obj->GetValueAsUnsigned(0, &success);
if (!success)
  return false;
if (ptr_value == 0)
  stream.Printf("0x%" PRIx64, ptr_value);

This should address the issue of not printing a bogus value if we fail to read the value, but avoid the case where the pointer value *is* 0xffff.. (which it can legitimately be, e.g. with custom deleters, or if the inferior corrupts it's memory).
At that point, the switch is not necessary.

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Makes sense. Feel free to commit.