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Introduce llvm::sys::path::home_directory.

Authored by pcc on Nov 17 2013, 2:55 AM.



This will be used by the line editor library to derive a default path to
the history file.

I've verified that the Windows bits build (with a mingw64 cross compiler)
but I haven't actually tested them.

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majnemer added inline comments.Nov 17 2013, 3:53 AM
805 ↗(On Diff #5601)

Have you considered falling back to getpwuid_r on SUSv3? Something like:

bufsize = 2048;

if ((getpw_r_size_max = sysconf(_SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX)) > 0)
  bufsize = (size_t)getpw_r_size_max;

uid = getuid();

buf = NULL;
do {
  if ((tbuf = realloc(buf, bufsize)) == NULL) {
    return false;
  buf = tbuf;
  err = getpwuid_r(uid, &pw, buf, bufsize, &tpw);
  bufsize *= 2;
} while (err == ERANGE);

if (err) {
  return false;

if (!tpw || !pw.pw_dir)
  return false;

result.append(pw.pw_dir, pw.pw_dir + strlen(pw.pw_dir));
return true;

SHGetFolderPath is Deprecated function, Microsoft suggests to use SHGetKnownFolderPath instead.

In any case, the easy way to get the AppData directory is getenv("LOCALAPPDATA").

pcc updated this revision to Unknown Object (????).Nov 17 2013, 2:33 PM
  • Clear result on success
805 ↗(On Diff #5601)

My understanding (from reading the getpwuid_r man page) is that user programs should be checking $HOME. If $HOME is not set, the user probably doesn't want the program using any directory as their home directory.

pcc closed this revision.Jan 31 2014, 3:52 PM

Closed by commit rL200594 (authored by @pcc).