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Reset the TopRPTracker's position in ScheduleDAGMILive::initQueues

Authored by kparzysz on Apr 22 2016, 2:56 PM.



ScheduleDAGMI::initQueues changes the RegionBegin to the first non-debug instruction. Since it does not track register pressure, it does not affect any RP trackers. ScheduleDAGMILive inherits initQueues from ScheduleDAGMI, and it does reset the TopTPTracker in its schedule method. Any derived, target-specific scheduler will need to do it as well, but the TopRPTracker is only exposed as a "const" object to derived classes. Without the ability to modify the tracker directly, this leaves a derived scheduler with a potential of having the TopRPTracker out-of-sync with the CurrentTop.

The symptom of the problem:

void llvm::ScheduleDAGMILive::scheduleMI(llvm::SUnit *, bool): Assertion `TopRPTracker.getPos() == CurrentTop && "out of sync"' failed.

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I don't know if this fix is the best idea, I can change it to whatever else as long as the problem is fixed.

MatzeB edited edge metadata.Apr 28 2016, 11:13 AM

You should be able to access the "protected:" TopRPTracker field in subclasses directly. Regardless this change should be fine.

Is the test minimal yet? It appears to be a lot bigger than necessary (all the metadata debug info seems superfluous for example).

467–471 ↗(On Diff #54732)

This is not performancce critical so the implementation can stay in the .cpp file.

The test is close to minimal. The debug information is necessary, since it is the presence of DBG_VALUE that causes the beginning of the scheduling region to be moved. This was the first thing I tried to remove that the test passed without it.

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Moved initQueues to the .cpp file.

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