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A number of improvements to decorator conditionals

Authored by zturner on Feb 5 2016, 4:37 PM.



The goal here is to try to improve consistency across the variety of decorators we support. This patch makes the following changes:

  • Change the not_in function to be a class object called no_match. This indicates that it can be used for more than just checking list membership, and that instead it negates whatever condition is used to normally match.
  • Change the name of _check_list_or_lambda to match_decorator_property. This indicates that it could be more than a list or a lambda.
  • Always use a regex match when matching strings in match_decorator_property. This allows any string on any decoratory property to automatically support regex matching.
  • Also support the use of compiled regexes on decorator properties.
  • Fix a bug in the compiler check used by _decorateTest. The two arguments were reversed, so that check was not matching when it should have matched.
  • Change one test that uses skipUnlessArch to use skipIf. Now that skipIf supports regex matching on the architecture property, this works, and as a followup skipUnlessArch will be removed entirely.

Note that you won't be able to apply this patch unless you apply it on top of my previous review D16936.

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Minor change that allows any iterable to be used (not just lists), and also recurses through the _match_decorator_property function for each item in the iterable, instead of just doing a simple list membership. Combined with the regex change and the no_match change from function to object, this allows complex specifications such as archs=['mips.*', 'i[0-9]86', no_match('x86_x64)'] (not that that particular condition makes sense, but might as well support it).

tfiala edited edge metadata.Feb 5 2016, 7:10 PM

I'll have a look at this after I get through D16936.

Concept sounds great.

labath accepted this revision.Feb 8 2016, 3:08 AM
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Looks good, after applying one fix.

148 ↗(On Diff #47068)

The actual value should be simply lldb.remote_platform is not None. When remote_platform is None, we are local, when it is not None, we are remote.

Btw, since this flag can only have three values (None, True, False), the _match_decorator property dance is not really necessary. Although, I guess it won't hurt either...

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Feb 8 2016, 3:08 AM
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Regarding the section Pavel was looking at, on the Apple side we have a simulator target that is not technically remote, but isn't really local either. I'll have to look at that if/when we actually want to mark a simulator test as failed.

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