[InstCombineCasts] Cast elimination for sext->lshr->trunc patterns

Authored by kuhar on Sep 1 2015, 2:00 AM.



There is a trunc(lshr (zext A), Cst) optimization in InstCombineCasts that removes cast by performing the lshr on smaller types. However, currently there is no trunc(lshr (sext A), Cst) variant.

This patch add such optimization by transforming trunc(lshr (sext A), Cst) to ashr A, Cst.

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Hi Jakub,

Thanks for looking into this. This looks good to me with some fixes addressed (see below).

504 ↗(On Diff #34203)

Typo: s/comming/coming/

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Typo: s/destanation/destination/

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Isn't this comment redundant with the previous one ?

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Here you should pattern match the result, and reuse it when checking the return. This will make the test more robust if anything changes in the naming of the values.

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Same. Use pattern matching.

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Typos fixed, regexes used in test-cases.

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Fix for PR24763