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[compiler-rt] [sanitizer] Silence -Wframe-larger-than= for a few windows functions with large stack buffers
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Authored by mstorsjo on Fri, Nov 20, 1:45 AM.



Alternatively SANITIZER_LIMIT_FRAME_SIZE could be disabled altogether when building for windows.

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mstorsjo created this revision.Fri, Nov 20, 1:45 AM
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mstorsjo requested review of this revision.Fri, Nov 20, 1:45 AM

I prefer the relatively localized disabling of the warning with the #pragmas as you've done as opposed to building the sanitizer builds with different settings.

I'm concerned about what looks to be an existing possible buffer overrun.

  1. The sample code used sizeof(TCHAR) not CHAR. So I'm guessing this is a potential stack buffer overrun bug for "Unicode" builds. (Windows defines CHAR to char as indicated here:
  1. Does symbolizing happen on multiple threads? If not, the buffer could be static, which would keep the frame size small.
mstorsjo added inline comments.Tue, Dec 1, 12:11 AM
  1. In it looks like the SYMBOL_INFO struct explicitly uses CHAR and isn't available in an unicode form, so this code seems to be correct in that aspect.
  1. I guess it can happen on multiple threads, for sanitizer error reporting at runtime in cases where error don't terminate the process.