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Hook lit up in LLDB so it can run LLDB's unit tests

Authored by zturner on Mar 12 2015, 3:24 PM.



This patch piggyback's off the previous 2 patches to get lit up and running.

LLDB doesn't actually have any lit tests, so our configuration is simpler than usual. All this does right now is create a unit tests folder with a config for running unit tests, and hook this up to the CMake by way of an lldb-check-unit target.

When you run ninja check-lldb-unit, it now runs all the unit tests.

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By the way, this is some serious black magic. I just closed my eyes and mashed buttons until it worked. So I may very well have done something wrong.

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I'm taking myself off the review here as I don't think you should be blocked on me, I'm headed off on vacation, and I don't think I'm uniquely suited to review this. Maybe Reid or others can help here.

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