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Authored by nitesh.jain on Mar 11 2016, 5:04 AM.



The patch which modifies the platform connect with automatically connecting to the process instance if it was started by the remote platform. However this fails for Linux Platform. Since PlatformRemoteGDBServer doesn't implement "ConnectToWaitingProcesses". Thus Platform::ConnectToWaitingProcesses was called and LLDB failed connecting to the remote process instance. This Patch implements "ConnectToWaitingProcesses" for PlatformRemoteGDBServer and hence fixes failure for linux Platform.

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labath edited edge metadata.Mar 11 2016, 5:51 AM

If I understand correctly, you have simply copied the implementation from PlatformRemoteAndroidGDBServer. Could you also remove it from that class, since it's going to inherit the implementation anyway?

Apart from that, it looks good to me, but let's give a chance for @clayborg to respond first.

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Looks good.

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Updated diff as per suggestion.

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Looks great. Thank you.

Hi Tamas Berghammer,

Is it ok to commit?

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