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cmake: provide flag that enables 'log enable --stack' to provide useful file/line info on POSIX systems

Authored by tfiala on Oct 12 2015, 12:59 PM.



This change addresses:

On Linux (and likely other GNU ld-based systems), the llvm backtrace utility used by 'log enable --stack' cannot walk through private symbols in This makes the --stack option useless just about everywhere but OS X. This change provides a way to address that.

By default, nothing changes. However, if the cmake -DLLDB_EXPORT_ALL_SYMBOLS=TRUE option is provided (also a CACHE variable, so can be set via UI), then on non-Windows systems, we'll drop exporting a named list of symbols, and tell the linker to export all symbols. This allows the backtrace mechanism used by 'log enable --stack' to find file/line number info, and makes introspection of source code within lldb much more productive.

The change is a do-nothing operation on Windows.

On OS X cmake builds, the additional linker option is not needed (nor is it supported by the linker).

Google folks - feel free to adjust the Linux-side reviewers. Just looking for representation.

Ed - I'd guess FreeBSD was in the same boat as Linux here.

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I've been using this now for a couple days and it seems to work fine on both OS X and Linux. The Linux side enables the 'log enable --stack' to work.

Any concerns with this?

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 13 2015, 11:48 PM

sounds reasonable

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