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[] Fix MIPS ASM regex for functions with EH
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Authored by arichardson on Wed, Apr 7, 2:30 AM.



On MIPS, functions with exception handling code emits an additional
temporary label at the start of the function (due to UseAssignmentForEHBegin):

_Z8do_catchv:                           # @_Z8do_catchv
.set .Lfunc_begin0, .Ltmp3
.cfi_personality 128, DW.ref.__gxx_personality_v0
.cfi_lsda 0, .Lexception0
.frame	$c11,48,$c17
.mask 	0x00000000,0
.fmask	0x00000000,0
.set	noreorder
.set	nomacro
.set	noat
# %bb.0:                                # %entry

The [^:]* regex was terminating the search after .Ltmp<N>: and therefore
not detecting functions with exception handling.

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This needs a test under test/tools/UpdateTestChecks/update_llc_test_checks/