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Converting ‘sext of addrec’ to ‘addrec of sext’

Authored by ashutosh.nema on May 6 2015, 4:11 AM.



This change is for converting ‘sext of addrec’ to ‘addrec of sext’ when
compiler is sure transformation will not overflow.

By doing this will open opportunity for optimizations dependent on addRecExpr.

Consider below case:

for (j=1; j < itr; j++) {

for (i=1; i < itr; i++) {
  temp=  var[i * 2];
   - - - - - 


“var[i * 2]” "SCEVAddRecExpr" is computable in *Outer Loop*

I expected Scalar evolution to get that, but it's not doing that
if ‘*2’ is transformed to shift reduction in some specific circumstances.

In the above example, ‘var[i * 2]’ is converted into ‘var[i << 1]’
by Instruction combiner (Shift reduction).

After this addRecExpr is not computable.

To fix that issue made changes in ScalarEvolution & SimplifyIndVar.

In ScalarEvolution converting ‘sext of addrec’ to ‘addrec of sext’ only when
Compiler is sure operation will not overflow:
i.e. (sext i32 Addrec{2,+,2}<nuw><%for.body4> to i64)
will be transformed into:
// addrec{(sext i32 '2' to i64),+,(sext i32 '2' to i64)}<nsw><%for.body4>

In “SimplifyIndVar.cpp” we strengthen overflow operation for left shift.

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Comments inline.

This kind of change *definitely* needs several test cases.


This needs to go in ScalarEvolution::getSignExtendExpr. There are a bunch of other rules for turning a sign extend of an add rec into an addrec there.


I think you're also transforming sext({S,+,X}<nuw>) to {sext S,+,sext X} which isn't correct.


Note that these are regressions: we know that %start is slt 127 so we should be able to use the more canonical {(1 + (sext i32 %start to i64)),+,1}<nsw><%loop> here.

Thanks Sanjoy for review.
I'll work on your comments and come back.


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