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[SeparateConstOffsetFromGEP] Bail there is only one GEP offset

Authored by jingyue on Apr 21 2015, 6:54 AM.



A single-offset GEP such as:

getelementptr i8*, i8* %base, i32 %offset

doesn't make sense to split apart. There is no complex calculation to CSE.

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Hi James,

I don't get why

getelementptr i8*, i8* %base, i32 %offset

is not worth splitting if %offset can be reassociated to variadic+const. base+variadic may still be CSE'ed in that case.

For example,

p1 = &base[offset + 1];
p2 = &base[offset + 2];

Reassociating GEPs gives us

p1 = (&base[offset]) + 1
p2 = (&base[offset]) + 2

where &base[offset] can be CSE'ed.

Can you show me the code patterns you discovered that demonstrates the
regression? I can think about how to address them too. Thanks!


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Please comment on the rationale for ==2. Is there a more general cost model problem?

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