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bugpoint Enhancement.

Authored by DiamondLovesYou on Mar 23 2015, 10:33 AM.



This patch adds two flags to bugpoint: "-replace-funcs-with-null" and "-disable-pass-list-reduction".

When "-replace-funcs-with-null" is specified, bugpoint will, instead of simply deleting function bodies, replace all uses of functions and then will delete functions completely from the test module, correctly handling aliasing and @llvm.used && @llvm.compiler.used. This part was conceived while trying to debug the PNaCl IR simplification passes, which don't allow undefined functions (ie no declarations).

With "-disable-pass-list-reduction", bugpoint won't try to reduce the set of passes causing the "crash". This is needed in cases where one is trying to debug an issue inside the PNaCl IR simplification passes which is causing an PNaCl ABI verification error, for example.

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jfb edited edge metadata.Mar 27 2015, 2:43 PM

Could you also add tests for this in test/BugPoint/?

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disable-pass-list-reduction would be more idiomatic.

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Isn't this always false? At least InstrProfiling.cpp does cast<ConstantArray>(LLVMUsed->getInitializer()) so one of these is wrong :-)

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Using Value *V is clearer.

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Can you instead replace all uses of the function with Undef of that type before deleting the function?

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Fixed JF's comments.

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You're right; done!

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No, because LLVM will replace an array with zeroinitializer when the last non-null value is replaced with null.

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298 ↗(On Diff #22483)

undef isn't considered a null value, meaning isNullValue would return false. It's not impossible to do, but I'm guessing it would change quite a bit of behavior and given that calling either null or undef is undefined behavior, I'd rather not mess with it post-mortem.

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lgtm, let's leave this open if there are any other comments.

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