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[X86] Special-case 2x CMOV when custom-inserting.

Authored by ab on Mar 2 2015, 2:28 PM.



Follow-up to

This lets us avoid a few copies that are otherwise hard to get rid of. My first approach was to add a CMOV2 node, but after discussing with Matthias, we agreed it's less hacky to teach the custom inserter to look at the next instruction. Mentioned that explicitly in the EmitWithCustomInserter comment.


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  • Avoid duplicating the "has double CMOV" information.
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This approach definitely looks better than the previous CMOV2 attempts.
I think the code should have more comments explaining why the special case for two cmovs is good here. Maybe put in the control flow ascii-art? as the problem is very subtle.

With more comments this LGTM, nitpicks below.


I'm probably missing something, but it seems unnecessary to me to open a new block.


MachineBasicBlock::iterator InstrIt = std::next(MI); ? I'd also choose a name like NextMIIt;


Why not simply:
MachineInstr *LastEFlagsUser = NextCMOV ? NextCMOV : MI;
bool EflagsKilled = MI->killsRegister(X86::EFLAGS) || checkAndUpdateEFLAGSKill(LastEFLagsUser, BB, TRI));
if (!EflagsKilled) ...

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Thanks for the review, will commit shortly!



Unnecessary yes, originally to hide the short-lived declarations. I'll drop it.


I don't think that works. Since MI is a pointer, I'd expect that to be the same as

(MI + 1)

which is different from

&*(MBB::iterator(MI) + 1)
ab closed this revision.Mar 2 2015, 5:29 PM


Maybe I'm not patient, but phabricator also doesn't like "Closes". "Differential Revision" it is, then!