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Rename all of the tests from *.cpp to *.pass.cpp in preparation for

Authored by jroelofs on Jan 21 2015, 10:45 AM.


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Yes, it looks like I've deleted all the files... svn diff lies here. I've actually svn mv-ed everything:

$ svn st
D       backtrace_test.cpp
A  +    backtrace_test.pass.cpp
D       catch_array_01.cpp
A  +    catch_array_01.pass.cpp
D       catch_array_02.cpp
A  +    catch_array_02.pass.cpp
D       catch_class_01.cpp
A  +    catch_class_01.pass.cpp
D       catch_class_02.cpp
A  +    catch_class_02.pass.cpp
D       catch_class_03.cpp
A  +    catch_class_03.pass.cpp
D       catch_class_04.cpp
A  +    catch_class_04.pass.cpp
D       catch_const_pointer_nullptr.cpp
A  +    catch_const_pointer_nullptr.pass.cpp
D       catch_function_01.cpp
A  +    catch_function_01.pass.cpp
D       catch_function_02.cpp
A  +    catch_function_02.pass.cpp
D       catch_in_noexcept.cpp
A  +    catch_in_noexcept.pass.cpp
D       catch_member_data_pointer_01.cpp
A  +    catch_member_data_pointer_01.pass.cpp
D       catch_member_function_pointer_01.cpp
A  +    catch_member_function_pointer_01.pass.cpp
D       catch_member_pointer_nullptr.cpp
A  +    catch_member_pointer_nullptr.pass.cpp
D       catch_pointer_nullptr.cpp
A  +    catch_pointer_nullptr.pass.cpp
D       catch_pointer_reference.cpp
A  +    catch_pointer_reference.pass.cpp
D       catch_ptr.cpp
A  +    catch_ptr.pass.cpp
D       catch_ptr_02.cpp
A  +    catch_ptr_02.pass.cpp
D       cxa_thread_atexit_test.cpp
A  +    cxa_thread_atexit_test.pass.cpp
D       dynamic_cast14.cpp
A  +    dynamic_cast14.pass.cpp
D       dynamic_cast3.cpp
A  +    dynamic_cast3.pass.cpp
D       dynamic_cast5.cpp
A  +    dynamic_cast5.pass.cpp
D       dynamic_cast_stress.cpp
A  +    dynamic_cast_stress.pass.cpp
D       inherited_exception.cpp
A  +    inherited_exception.pass.cpp
D       test_aux_runtime.cpp
A  +    test_aux_runtime.pass.cpp
D       test_aux_runtime_op_array_new.cpp
A  +    test_aux_runtime_op_array_new.pass.cpp
D       test_demangle.cpp
A  +    test_demangle.pass.cpp
D       test_exception_storage.cpp
A  +    test_exception_storage.pass.cpp
D       test_fallback_malloc.cpp
A  +    test_fallback_malloc.pass.cpp
D       test_guard.cpp
A  +    test_guard.pass.cpp
D       test_vector1.cpp
A  +    test_vector1.pass.cpp
D       test_vector2.cpp
A  +    test_vector2.pass.cpp
D       test_vector3.cpp
A  +    test_vector3.pass.cpp
M       testit
D       unwind_01.cpp
A  +    unwind_01.pass.cpp
D       unwind_02.cpp
A  +    unwind_02.pass.cpp
D       unwind_03.cpp
A  +    unwind_03.pass.cpp
D       unwind_04.cpp
A  +    unwind_04.pass.cpp
D       unwind_05.cpp
A  +    unwind_05.pass.cpp
D       unwind_06.cpp
A  +    unwind_06.pass.cpp
danalbert accepted this revision.Jan 21 2015, 11:02 AM
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*.pass.cpp (missed the dot).

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jan 21 2015, 11:02 AM
mclow.lists edited edge metadata.Jan 21 2015, 6:39 PM

Now that I realize that you're talking about libc++abi, this looks good to me.