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[clang-format] Add options for indenting preprocessor directives

Authored by curdeius on Mar 24 2017, 8:31 AM.



This concerns bug #17362 (

2 styles for indenting are added: before and after hash.
3 methods:

  • None (default): equivalent to current behaviour of clang-format
  • All: indents all directives
  • Inner: recognizes include guards and ignores them during indentation

Indentation level uses IndentWidth style parameter.

For instance, and indented code with include guards:

#define A // not indented with Inner method
#ifdef B
# undef B
# define C

I've tried to make the detection of include guards as correct as possible, but if you know of any edge cases that are not taken into account, I'm all ears.

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curdeius created this revision.Mar 24 2017, 8:31 AM
curdeius updated this revision to Diff 92955.Mar 24 2017, 9:06 AM

Fix omitted dereference.

djasper edited edge metadata.Mar 27 2017, 10:47 PM

Thank you for working on this. Unfortunately, this is done at the wrong level:

  • You are using a separate pass, which means that as soon as the preprocessor directives exceed the column limit, they won't be wrapped correctly.
  • You aren't using Clang's Lexer to separate PP directives into tokens, which might work in the short term, but seems really fragile and a maintenance headache.

The approach to do this properly would be to:

  • Extend UnwrappedLineParser to properly report the level of preprocessor directives. My guess is that it might suffice to initialize Parser.Line->Level with PPBranchLevel in the constructor of ScopedLineState.
  • Once the level is reported correctly, UnwrappedLineFormatter's formatFirstToken function can be changed to add the spaces required for that level either before or after the "#" for preprocessor directives.

Happy to help more if you are up for taking this on.

Thanks Daniel.

I'll give it a try using the proposed approach and update you soon(ish).

curdeius abandoned this revision.Sep 7 2017, 7:33 AM

Superseded by rL312125.