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Improve the handling of missing elf symtab and missing symbol sizes

Authored by tberghammer on Feb 8 2016, 10:18 AM.



Improve the handling of missing elf symtab and missing symbol sizes

  • Generate artificial symbol names from eh_fame during symbol parsing so these symbols are already present when we calculate the size of the symbols where 0 is specified.
  • Fix symbol size calculation for the last symbol in the file where it have to last until the end of the parent section

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Make sure we use a consistent naming scheme for symbols that don't have names between all ObjectFile subclasses.


Use the same naming convention as ObjectFileMachO for these unnamed symbols:

Before starting to parse these symbols:

uint32_t synthetic_function_symbol_idx = 0;

Then when you find en EH frame FDE that doesn't have a symbol, the name is calculated with:

snprintf (synthetic_function_symbol,

We could move this into ObjectFile.cpp somehow and then have both ObjectFileELF and ObjectFileMachO use the same function to create the function name. If we do this, we should use a lldb_private::StreamString when making the name.

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I moved the symbol name generation logic into ObjectFile and also changed ObjectFileMachO to use that one

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Looks good.

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