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[LLDB] Consider only valid symbols while resolving by address

Authored by mohit.bhakkad on Jan 21 2016, 2:36 AM.



There are more than one symbols in symbol table with same file/load address.

Function FindSymbolContainingFileAddress is returning the first symbol with given address
in symbol table, even if it is of type Invalid.

This is causing issues while determining dynamic type of a variable or while providing summery
of image lookups, i.e. any place we get Address->Symbol.

This patch is providing a new function FindValidSymbolContainingFileAddress which considers all
the values with given address, and provides the first valid one.

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I would rather see this implemented using a ForEach type call that uses a std::function callback. That way we don't need to keep adding new variants that search for specific symbol types (like ignoring invalid symbols).

Symtab::ForEachSymbolContainingFileAddresss (addr_t file_addr, std::function <bool(Symbol *)> const &callback)
    Mutex::Locker locker (m_mutex);

    if (!m_file_addr_to_index_computed)

    std::vector<uint32_t> all_addr_indexes;

    // Get all symbols with file_addr
    const size_t addr_match_count = m_file_addr_to_index.FindEntryIndexesThatContains(file_addr, all_addr_indexes);

    for (size_t i=0; i<addr_match_count; ++i)
        if (!callback(SymbolAtIndex(all_addr_indexes[i])))
    return nullptr;

Then you can call this with a lambda:

Symbol *matching_symbol = nullptr;
symtab->ForEachSymbolContainingFileAddresss (file_addr, [&matching_symbol](Symbol *symbol) -> bool {
    if (symbol->GetType() != eSymbolTypeInvalid)
        matching_symbol = symbol;
        return false; // Stop iterating
    return true; // Keep iterating
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Changed as suggested.

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Looks good.

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This patch broke approximately 10 tests on Windows, mostly related to thread step-over, thread step-out, etc. We probably need to fix something in PECOFF::GetSymTab that's causing all the symbols to be rejected. I'll look into it more.


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