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SelectionDAG: Introduce PersistentID to SDNode for assert builds.

Authored by MatzeB on Sep 2 2015, 10:53 AM.



This gives us more human readable numbers to identify nodes in debug


0x7fcbd9700160: ch = EntryToken

0x7fcbd985c7c8: i64 = Register %RAX


    0x7fcbd9700160: <multiple use>
  0x7fcbd985c578: i64,ch = MOV64rm 0x7fcbd985c6a0, 0x7fcbd985cc68, 0x7fcbd985c200, 0x7fcbd985cd90, 0x7fcbd985ceb8, 0x7fcbd9700160<Mem:LD8[@foo]> [ORD=2]

0x7fcbd985c8f0: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x7fcbd9700160, 0x7fcbd985c7c8, 0x7fcbd985c578 [ORD=3]

  0x7fcbd985c7c8: <multiple use>
  0x7fcbd985c8f0: <multiple use>
  0x7fcbd985c8f0: <multiple use>
0x7fcbd985ca18: ch = RETQ 0x7fcbd985c7c8, 0x7fcbd985c8f0, 0x7fcbd985c8f0:1 [ORD=3]


t0: ch = EntryToken

t5: i64 = Register %RAX


    t0: <multiple use>
  t3: i64,ch = MOV64rm t10, t12, t11, t13, t14, t0<Mem:LD8[@foo]> [ORD=2]

t6: ch,glue = CopyToReg t0, t5, t3 [ORD=3]

  t5: <multiple use>
  t6: <multiple use>
  t6: <multiple use>
t7: ch = RETQ t5, t6, t6:1 [ORD=3]

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as someone who uses selectionDAG dumper a lot, I'd just like to say I *really* appreciate this patch.

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