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Download symbol file for .oat files on android

Authored by tberghammer on Aug 11 2015, 4:34 AM.



Download symbol file for .oat files on android

On android .oat files (compiled java code) don't have symbol
information but on SDK 23+ it can be generated by the oatdump tool
(based on the dex information).

This CL adds logic to download this information and store it in the
module cache.

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Please see my comments.

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Please add constant for timeout.

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Please check that tmpdir isn't empty.

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Please log an error if rm fails.

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Can we have a bigger timeout? 1 sec might not be enough.

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ditto - please verify that it works as expected from Windows.

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Please add ".sym" constant

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Do we really want to have a link for sym file in sys root?
I'd rather moved code for sym file download from GetAndPut into Put method and skip link creation for symbol file.

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Address comments

See responds inline

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Added a comment next to the value instead. I prefer that style but I can use a constant if you want.

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I think 1 second should be enough in almost every case but increase it to 5 seconds just in case the device is very busy.

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At the moment I don't have Windows environment but I will try to find a way to test it.

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At the moment I think we don't use the sys root at all, but I might be wrong. If anywhere we use the sys root then we will need the symbol file next to the actual file to find it. The reason I put the file download here because we need a Module object to do it (find out if we have symtab) what means we have to do it after the Get. I think moving it to Put will make the implementation more complicated.

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Or maybe introduce a function that returns symbol file spec by given module file spec in order to re-use it here and in ModuleCache::Get

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