[hot-cold-split] Name split functions with ".cold" suffix


[hot-cold-split] Name split functions with ".cold" suffix

The current default of appending "_"+entry block label to the new
extracted cold function breaks demangling. Change the deliminator from
"_" to "." to enable demangling. Because the header block label will
be empty for release compile code, use "extracted" after the "." when
the label is empty.

Additionally, add a mechanism for the client to pass in an alternate
suffix applied after the ".", and have the hot cold split pass use
"cold."+Count, where the Count is currently 1 but can be used to
uniquely number multiple cold functions split out from the same function
with D53588.

Reviewers: sebpop, hiraditya

Subscribers: llvm-commits, erik.pilkington

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D53534