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lldb: change lib32 or lib64 to lib on patches returned by get_python_lib()
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Authored by pawelo on Jun 7 2014, 2:33 PM.
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This is the second problem I encountered when trying to build and install LLDB on my x86_64 gentoo machine. The scripts/lldb_python_module.cmake have .../lib/... part of the path written literally to compose a path to things that should be copied during 'make install'. Unfortunately, at build time these things are placed to a directory composed with the 'lib' part returned by get_python_lib() function. On my 64-bit system it is 'lib64'. This patch uses sed command to get rid of unwanted '64' or '32' part.

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Closing double-quotes in the scripts/Python/ are in wrong places causing syntax error that goes unnoticed silently. The scripts/Python/ file has these things written in correct places.