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[NVPTX] Move NVPTXPeephole after NVPTXPrologEpilogPass

Authored by wengxt on Jun 30 2015, 4:09 PM.



Offset of frame index is calculated by NVPTXPrologEpilogPass. Before
that the correct offset of stack objects cannot be obtained, which
leads to wrong offset if there are more than 2 frame objects. This patch
move NVPTXPeephole after NVPTXPrologEpilogPass. Because the frame index
is already replaced by %VRFrame in NVPTXPrologEpilogPass, we check
VRFrame register instead, and try to remove the VRFrame if there
is no usage after NVPTXPeephole pass.

Patched by Xuetian Weng.

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LGTM with the comments addressed.

The commit message could be clearer about what the bug was.

NVPTXPrologEpilogPass relies on frame indices to compute frame offsets. NVPTXPeephole, if run before NVPTXPrologEpilogPass, would lose frame indices too early. Therefore, we move ...


The comment here needs to be updated.


isCVTAToLocalCombination should check Prev.getOperand(2) is an immediate; otherwise, things may break.


Add a sentence explaining what this do.


Although you mentioned why they are in this order in your commit message, you also need to comment here because people won't usually dig into commit messages.

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update according to comments

wengxt added inline comments.Jul 1 2015, 11:22 AM



since there's no need to use frame offset here (already replaced by NVPTXPrologEpilogPass), this is changed to directly reuse the operand instead of create a new imm.



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