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Build clang Debug if we build lldb debug.

Authored by sas on Jul 11 2016, 12:02 PM.



When we build Debug, we might be tracking down bugs in clang/llvm as
well, so building it Debug with assertions helps debug the debugger.

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Remove leftover comment.

tfiala edited edge metadata.Jul 12 2016, 7:59 AM

We have a separate configuration for that build in Xcode - it is called DebugClang. You can build that configuration from the command line with something like:

xcodebuild --scheme desktop --configuration DebugClang

or clone the "desktop" scheme in Xcode, setting the scheme build option to use the DebugClang configuration instead of the Debug configuration.

Generally we don't want to force building a debug llvm/clang by default in the default Debug configuration since it has a noticeable impact on test run time.

@clayborg, thoughts on that?

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As Todd said, we already have a "DebugClang" configuration for this. We should abandon this change.

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Ah, makes sense, I had missed the DebugClang build configuration. Thanks for pointing this out.