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[LVI] Extend select handling to catch min/max/clamp idioms

Authored by reames on Feb 11 2016, 6:38 PM.



Most of this is fairly straight forward. I was a bit surprised to find we didn't have smin/umin on ConstantRange. Careful review of that would be appreciated.

Note that I'm only handling two constant ranges at this point. It would be reasonable to consider treating overdefined as a full range if the instruction is typed as an integer, but that should be a separate change.

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smax -> smin? Same below

reames added inline comments.Feb 12 2016, 11:18 AM
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Yep, stale comment. Will fix, thanks.

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Nit: should be AddConstants.

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This would be easier to follow if you summarize the transform you're doing / pattern you're matching, like

select (A == CIBase) _ (A + CIAdded)

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How can you infer this without looking at the SI->getTrueValue()? Can't the select be select (A == CIBase) (CIBase + CIAdded) (A + CIAdded)? Or is there a check somewhere that I missed?

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These should get tests in unittests/IR/ConstantRange.cpp. I'd say split these out, add tests and land them -- the smin and umin implementations lgtm in their current form (with the edit @ab suggested).

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update patches, rebased after separating and landing constant range parts per Sanjoy's comment.

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Per style guide:
Function names should be verb phrases (as they represent actions), and command-like function should be imperative. The name should be camel case, and start with a lower case letter (e.g. openFile() or isFoo()).

While a lambda is technically a variable, it's really just a locally scoped function in this usage.

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See updated patch. Is that better?

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If A != CIBase, then the RHS can't contribute CIBase + CIAdded. The LHS can, but we're only constraining the input ranges here.

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Is it possible for LHS to be the false value and RHS to be the true value?

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Makes sense.

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This is defensive programming in case matchSelectPattern get's smarter.

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