[Driver] Verify GCCInstallation is valid

Authored by nickdesaulniers on May 21 2019, 2:21 PM.

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[Driver] Verify GCCInstallation is valid

Values returned by GCCInstallation.getParentLibPath() and
GCCInstallation.getTriple() are not valid unless
GCCInstallation.isValid() returns true. This has previously been
ignored, and the former two values were used without checking whether
GCCInstallation is valid. This led to the bad path "/../bin" being added
to the list of program paths.

author: danielmentz "Daniel Mentz <danielmentz@google.com>"

Reviewers: #clang, tstellar, srhines

Reviewed By: srhines

Subscribers: danielmentz, ormris, nickdesaulniers, srhines, cfe-commits

Tags: #clang

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D57930

llvm-svn: 361314


sidorovdMay 24 2019, 5:44 AM
Differential Revision
D57930: [Driver] Verify GCCInstallation is valid

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