[NFC][ScopBuilder] Move buildAliasChecks and its implementing methods to…


[NFC][ScopBuilder] Move buildAliasChecks and its implementing methods to ScopBuilder

Scope of changes:

  1. Moved buildAliasChecks to ScopBuilder.
  2. Moved buildAliasGroup to ScopBuilder.
  3. Moved buildAliasGroups to ScopBuilder.
  4. Moved buildAliasGroupsForAccesses to ScopBuilder.
  5. Moved splitAliasGroupsByDomain to ScopBuilder.
  6. Moved addNonEmptyDomainConstraints to ScopBuilder.
  7. Moved buildMinMaxAccess to ScopBuilder.
  8. Moved calculateMinMaxAccess to ScopBuilder.
  9. Moved getAccessDomain to ScopBuilder.
  10. Moved command line options used only by buildAliasChecks functions to ScopBuilder.
  11. Refactored buildAliasGroup function. Added addAliasGroup function to Scop class for pushing back calculated min/max accesses.
  12. Added function incrementNumberOfAliasingAssumptions which increments number of statistic variable AssumptionsAliasing. AssumptionsAliasing variable is defined by STATISTIC macro inside ScopInfo.cpp and it is also used by function trackAssumption from Scop class.
  13. Added reference to OptimizationRemarkEmitter to ScopBuilder class.
  14. Moved calculateMinMaxAccess function to ScopBuilder class.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D63693


domadaJul 16 2019, 2:10 PM
Differential Revision
D63693: [Polly][NFC][ScopBuilder] Move buildAliasChecks and its implementing methods to ScopBuilder