Add support for "source info" and use it to fix MI's -symbol-list-lines.


Add support for "source info" and use it to fix MI's -symbol-list-lines.

This patch adds support the command 'source info' as follows:

(lldb) help source info
     Display source line information (as specified) based on the current executable's
     debug info.

Syntax: source info <cmd-options>

Command Options Usage:
  source info [-c <count>] [-s <shlib-name>] [-f <filename>] [-l <linenum>] [-e <linenum>]
  source info [-c <count>] [-s <shlib-name>] [-n <symbol>]
  source info [-c <count>] [-a <address-expression>]

       -a <address-expression> ( --address <address-expression> )
            Lookup the address and display the source information for the corresponding
            file and line.

       -c <count> ( --count <count> )
            The number of line entries to display.

       -e <linenum> ( --end-line <linenum> )
            The line number at which to stop displaying lines.

       -f <filename> ( --file <filename> )
            The file from which to display source.

       -l <linenum> ( --line <linenum> )
            The line number at which to start the displaying lines.

       -n <symbol> ( --name <symbol> )
            The name of a function whose source to display.

       -s <shlib-name> ( --shlib <shlib-name> )
            Look up the source in the given module or shared library (can be specified
            more than once).

For example:

(lldb) source info --file x.h
Lines for file x.h in compilation unit x.cpp in `x
[0x0000000100000d00-0x0000000100000d10): /Users/dawn/tmp/./x.h:10
[0x0000000100000d10-0x0000000100000d1b): /Users/dawn/tmp/./x.h:10

The new options are used to fix the MI command:

-symbol-list-lines <file>

which didn't work for header files because it called:

target modules dump line-table <file>

which only dumps line tables for a compilation unit.

The patch also fixes a bug in the error reporting when no files were supplied to the command. Previously you'd get:

(lldb) target modules dump line-table
error: no source filenames matched any command arguments

Now you get:

error: file option must be specified.

Reviewed by: clayborg, jingham, ki.stfu
Subscribers: lldb-commits
Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D15593


dperchikJan 5 2016, 11:51 AM
Differential Revision
D15593: Add support for "source info" and use it to fix MI's -symbol-list-lines.