Recommit r368812 "[llvm/Object] - Convert SectionRef::getName() to return…


Recommit r368812 "[llvm/Object] - Convert SectionRef::getName() to return Expected<>"

Changes: no changes. A fix for the clang code will be landed right on top.

Original commit message:

SectionRef::getName() returns std::error_code now.
Returning Expected<> instead has multiple benefits.

For example, it forces user to check the error returned.
Also Expected<> may keep a valuable string error message,
what is more useful than having a error code.
(Object\invalid.test was updated to show the new messages printed.)

This patch makes a change for all users to switch to Expected<> version.

Note: in a few places the error returned was ignored before my changes.
In such places I left them ignored. My intention was to convert the interface
used, and not to improve and/or the existent users in this patch.
(Though I think this is good idea for a follow-ups to revisit such places
and either remove consumeError calls or comment each of them to clarify why
it is OK to have them).

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D66089


grimarAug 14 2019, 4:10 AM
Differential Revision
D66089: [llvm/Object] - Convert SectionRef::getName() to return Expected<>
rL368825: [clang] - An update after LLVM change.