[DDG] DirectedGraph as a base class for various dependence graphs such


[DDG] DirectedGraph as a base class for various dependence graphs such
as DDG and PDG.
This is an implementation of a directed graph base class with explicit
representation of both nodes and edges. This implementation makes the
edges explicit because we expect to assign various attributes (such as
dependence type, distribution interference weight, etc) to the edges in
the derived classes such as DDG and DIG. The DirectedGraph consists of a
list of DGNode's. Each node consists of a (possibly empty) list of
outgoing edges to other nodes in the graph. A DGEdge contains a
reference to a single target node. Note that nodes do not know about
their incoming edges so the DirectedGraph class provides a function to
find all incoming edges to a given node.

This is the first patch in a series of patches that we are planning to
contribute upstream in order to implement Data Dependence Graph and
Program Dependence Graph.

More information about the proposed design can be found here:
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