[LV] Suppress vectorization in some nontemporal cases


[LV] Suppress vectorization in some nontemporal cases

When considering a loop containing nontemporal stores or loads for
vectorization, suppress the vectorization if the corresponding
vectorized store or load with the aligment of the original scaler
memory op is not supported with the nontemporal hint on the target.

This adds two new functions:

bool isLegalNTStore(Type *DataType, unsigned Alignment) const;
bool isLegalNTLoad(Type *DataType, unsigned Alignment) const;

to TTI, leaving the target independent default implementation as
returning true, but with overriding implementations for X86 that
check the legality based on available Subtarget features.

This fixes https://llvm.org/PR40759

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D61764