[ELF] Suppress "STT_SECTION symbol should be defined" on .eh_frame, .debug*, .


[ELF] Suppress "STT_SECTION symbol should be defined" on .eh_frame, .debug*, .zdebug* and .gcc_except_table

With -r or --emit-relocs, we warn STT_SECTION symbol should be defined
on relocations to discarded section symbol. This was added as an error
in rLLD319404, but was not so effective before D61583 (it turned the
error to a warning).

Relocations from .eh_frame .debug* .zdebug* .gcc_except_table to
discarded .text are very common and somewhat expected. Don't warn/error
on them. As a reference, ld.bfd has a similar logic in
_bfd_elf_default_action_discarded() to allow these cases.

Delete invalid-undef-section-symbol.test because what it intended to
check is now covered by the updated comdat-discarded-reloc.s

Delete relocatable-eh-frame.s because we allow relocations from
.eh_frame as a special case now.

Reviewers: grimar, phosek, ruiu, espindola

Reviewed By: ruiu

Subscribers: emaste, arichardson, llvm-commits

Tags: #llvm

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D62840