[AMDGPU] Pre-allocate WWM registers to reduce VGPR pressure.


[AMDGPU] Pre-allocate WWM registers to reduce VGPR pressure.

This change incorporates an effort by Connor Abbot to change how we deal
with WWM operations potentially trashing valid values in inactive lanes.

Previously, the SIFixWWMLiveness pass would work out which registers
were being trashed within WWM regions, and ensure that the register
allocator did not have any values it was depending on resident in those
registers if the WWM section would trash them. This worked perfectly
well, but would cause sometimes severe register pressure when the WWM
section resided before divergent control flow (or at least that is where
I mostly observed it).

This fix instead runs through the WWM sections and pre allocates some
registers for WWM. It then reserves these registers so that the register
allocator cannot use them. This results in a significant register
saving on some WWM shaders I'm working with (130 -> 104 VGPRs, with just
this change!).

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D59295