[RegisterCoalescer] Limit the number of joins for large live interval with


[RegisterCoalescer] Limit the number of joins for large live interval with
many valnos.

Recently we found compile time out problem in several cases when
SpeculativeLoadHardening was enabled. The significant compile time was spent
in register coalescing pass, where register coalescer tried to join many other
live intervals with some very large live intervals with many valnos.

Specifically, every time JoinVals::mapValues is called, computeAssignment will
be called by getNumValNums() times of the target live interval. If the large
live interval has N valnos and has N copies associated with it, trying to
coalescing those copies will at least cost N^2 complexity.

The patch adds some limit to the effort trying to join those very large live
intervals with others. By default, for live interval with > 100 valnos, and
when it has been coalesced with other live interval by more than 100 times,
we will stop coalescing for the live interval anymore. That put a compile
time cap for the N^2 algorithm and effectively solves the compile time
problem we saw.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D59143