[TableGen][SelectionDAG][X86] Add specific isel matchers for…


[TableGen][SelectionDAG][X86] Add specific isel matchers for immAllZerosV/immAllOnesV. Remove bitcasts from X86 patterns that are no longer necessary.

Previously we had build_vector PatFrags that called ISD::isBuildVectorAllZeros/Ones. Internally the ISD::isBuildVectorAllZeros/Ones look through bitcasts, but we aren't able to take advantage of that in isel. Instead of we have to canonicalize the types of the all zeros/ones build_vectors and insert bitcasts. Then we have to pattern match those exact bitcasts.

By emitting specific matchers for these 2 nodes, we can make isel look through any bitcasts without needing to explicitly match them. We should also be able to remove the canonicalization to vXi32 from lowering, but I've left that for a follow up.

This removes something like 40,000 bytes from the X86 isel table.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D58595