[DebugInfo] Don't use realpath when looking up debug binary locations.


[DebugInfo] Don't use realpath when looking up debug binary locations.

Using realpath makes assumptions about build systems that do not always hold true. The debug binary referred to from the .gnu_debuglink should exist in the same directory (or in a .debug directory, etc.), but the files may only exist as symlinks to a differently named files elsewhere, and using realpath causes that lookup to fail.

This was added in r189250, and this is basically a revert + regression test case.

Reviewers: dblaikie, samsonov, jhenderson

Reviewed By: dblaikie

Subscribers: llvm-commits, hiraditya

Tags: #llvm

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D57609

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Note that llvm-symbolizer (or another tool that uses this library) can be invoked with the relative path (e.g. cd /tmp/dir; llvm-symbolizer foo).

Then, if you can't find the .debuglink file at following locations: foo.debuglink (absolute path /tmp/dir/foo.debuglink), or .debug/foo.debuglink (absolute path /tmp/dir/.debuglink/foo.debuglink),
which can often happen if you're symbolizing the code from standard library, you have to look for this file in /usr/lib/... or /usr/libdata/... for NetBSD. That's when you need the realpath for the file in question,
so that you try to open:


instead of