[llvm-readelf] Don't suppress static symbol table with --dyn-symbols + --symbols


[llvm-readelf] Don't suppress static symbol table with --dyn-symbols + --symbols

In r287786, a bug was introduced into llvm-readelf where it didn't print
the static symbol table if both --symbols and --dyn-symbols were
specified, even if there was no dynamic symbol table. This is obviously

This patch fixes this issue, by delegating the decision of which symbol
tables should be printed to the final dumper, rather than trying to
decide in the command-line option handling layer. The decision was made
to follow the approach taken in this patch because the LLVM style dumper
uses a different order to the original GNU style behaviour (and GNU
readelf) for ELF output. Other approaches resulted in behaviour changes
for other dumpers which felt wrong. In particular, I wanted to avoid
changing the order of the output for --symbols --dyn-symbols for LLVM
style, keep what is emitted by --symbols unchanged for all dumpers, and
avoid having different orders of .dynsym and .symtab dumping for GNU
"--symbols" and "--symbols --dyn-symbols".

Reviewed by: grimar, rupprecht

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D57016