[clang][slh] add Clang attr no_speculative_load_hardening


[clang][slh] add Clang attr no_speculative_load_hardening

This attribute will allow users to opt specific functions out of
speculative load hardening. This compliments the Clang attribute
named speculative_load_hardening. When this attribute or the attribute
speculative_load_hardening is used in combination with the flags
-mno-speculative-load-hardening or -mspeculative-load-hardening,
the function level attribute will override the default during LLVM IR
generation. For example, in the case, where the flag opposes the
function attribute, the function attribute will take precendence.
The sticky inlining behavior of the speculative_load_hardening attribute
may cause a function with the no_speculative_load_hardening attribute
to be tagged with the speculative_load_hardening tag in
subsequent compiler phases which is desired behavior since the
speculative_load_hardening LLVM attribute is designed to be maximally

If both attributes are specified for a function, then an error will be

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D54909