[NVPTX] Allow libcalls that are defined in the current module.


[NVPTX] Allow libcalls that are defined in the current module.

The patch adds a possibility to make library calls on NVPTX.

An important thing about library functions - they must be defined within
the current module. This basically should guarantee that we produce a
valid PTX assembly (without calls to not defined functions). The one who
wants to use the libcalls is probably will have to link against
compiler-rt or any other implementation.

Currently, it's completely impossible to make library calls because of
error LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: i32 = ExternalSymbol '...'. But we can
lower ExternalSymbol to TargetExternalSymbol and verify if the function
definition is available.

Also, there was an issue with a DAG during legalisation. When we expand
instruction into libcall, the inner call-chain isn't being "integrated"
into outer chain. Since the last "data-flow" (call retval load) node is
located in call-chain earlier than CALLSEQ_END node, the latter becomes
a leaf and therefore a dead node (and is being removed quite fast).
Proposed here solution relies on another data-flow pseudo nodes
(ProxyReg) which purpose is only to keep CALLSEQ_END at legalisation and
instruction selection phases - we remove the pseudo instructions before
register scheduling phase.

Patch by Denys Zariaiev!

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D34708


jlebarDec 26 2018, 11:12 AM
Differential Revision
D34708: [NVPTX] Allow to make libcalls that are defined in the current module.
rL350068: Ignore ConstantExpr in IgnoreParens