[HotColdSplitting] Outline more than once per function


[HotColdSplitting] Outline more than once per function

Algorithm: Identify maximal cold regions and put them in a worklist. If
a candidate region overlaps with another, discard it. While the worklist
is full, remove a single-entry sub-region from the worklist and attempt
to outline it. By the non-overlap property, this should not invalidate
parts of the domtree pertaining to other outlining regions.

Testing: LNT results on X86 are clean. With test-suite + externals, llvm
outlines 134KB pre-patch, and 352KB post-patch (+ ~2.6x). The file
483.xalancbmk/src/Constants.cpp stands out as an extreme case where llvm
outlines over 100 times in some functions (mostly EH paths). There was
not a significant performance impact pre vs. post-patch.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D53887