[ELF] Use more specific method to calculate DT_PLTRELSZ


[ELF] Use more specific method to calculate DT_PLTRELSZ

The DT_PLTRELSZ dynamic tag is calculated using the size of the
OutputSection containing the In.RelaPlt InputSection. This will work for the
default no linker script case and the majority of linker scripts.
Unfortunately it doesn't work for some 'almost' sensible linker scripts. It
is permitted by ELF to have a single OutputSection containing both
In.RelaDyn, In.RelaPlt and In.RelaIPlt. It is also permissible for the range
of memory [DT_RELA, DT_RELA + DT_RELASZ) and the range
[DT_JMPREL, DT_JMPREL + DT_JMPRELSZ) to overlap as long as the the latter
range is at the end.

To support this type of linker script use the specific InputSection sizes.

Fixes pr39678

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D54759