[XRay] Use TSC delta encoding for custom/typed events


[XRay] Use TSC delta encoding for custom/typed events

This change updates the version number for FDR logs to 5, and update the
trace processing to support changes in the custom event records.

In the runtime, since we're already writing down the record preamble to
handle CPU migrations and TSC wraparound, we can use the same TSC delta
encoding in the custom event and typed event records that we use in
function event records. We do the same change to typed events (which
were unsupported before this change in the trace processing) which now
show up in the trace.

Future changes should increase our testing coverage to make custom and
typed events as first class entities in the FDR mode log processing

This change is also a good example of how we end up supporting new
record types in the FDR mode implementation. This shows the places where
new record types are added and supported.

Depends on D54139.

Reviewers: mboerger

Subscribers: hiraditya, arphaman, jfb, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D54140