[SelectionDAGISel] Add a debug print before call to Select. Adjust where blank…


[SelectionDAGISel] Add a debug print before call to Select. Adjust where blank lines are printed during isel process to make things more sensibly grouped.

Previously some targets printed their own message at the start of Select to indicate what they were selecting. For the targets that didn't, it means there was no print of the root node before any custom handling in the target executed. So if the target did something custom and never called SelectNodeCommon, no print would be made. For the targets that did print a message in Select, if they didn't custom handle a node SelectNodeCommon would reprint the root node before walking the isel table.

It seems better to just print the message before the call to Select so all targets behave the same. And then remove the root node printing from SelectNodeCommon and just leave a message that says we're starting the table search.

There were also some oddities in blank line behavior. Usually due to a \n after a call to SelectionDAGNode::dump which already inserted a new line.


ctopperJan 26 2018, 11:34 AM
rL323550: [X86] Add 'rdrnd' feature to silvermont to match recent gcc bug fix.