[LV] Introduce VPBlendRecipe, VPWidenMemoryInstructionRecipe


[LV] Introduce VPBlendRecipe, VPWidenMemoryInstructionRecipe

This patch is part of D38676.

The patch introduces two new Recipes to handle instructions whose vectorization
involves masking. These Recipes take VPlan-level masks in D38676, but still rely
on ILV's existing createEdgeMask(), createBlockInMask() in this patch.

VPBlendRecipe handles intra-loop phi nodes, which are vectorized as a sequence
of SELECTs. Its execute() code is refactored out of ILV::widenPHIInstruction(),
which now handles only loop-header phi nodes.

VPWidenMemoryInstructionRecipe handles load/store which are to be widened
(but are not part of an Interleave Group). In this patch it simply calls
ILV::vectorizeMemoryInstruction on execute().

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D39068